Rasta Community Captures North West Province in Call for Legalisation

The long unheard cry for legalisation of a scared plant to the community has finally been heard. The North West provincial government has called for full legalisation. North West MEC for Agriculture Desbo Mohono said that prayer opened doors, and the Rastafarian community had led the way in unlocking the healing powers on cannabis.

“When the Rastas meet, they call it a reasoning session, a time when knowledge is shared and wisdom is imparted.  The music they play soothes the soul and the mind and they chill, I think it’s called ‘nyumbingi’; they enjoy the music and it helps them think positively; and they are showing us how to think positively in seeing how cannabis may play a role in helping people with HIV Aids and Covid-19.” “Let this be our reasoning session” she said.

Mohono continued with the Rasta theme:  “Glory be to the maker and the father of creation, Jah Rastafari” she said in her opening address on a “Things only go wrong when the right people keep quiet, and we are not keeping quiet anymore”.

“When everyone is down, we need to be high to be where this is heading” said a spokesman for the North West Premiers office.  The webinar, attended by over 240 people, was aimed at kickstarting a cannabis dialogue. Representatives from SAHPRA, DALRDD, the CSIR and the Agricultural Research Council all pledged to help small-scale growers get into the cannabis space.

Lerato Matsuanyane posed a very important question in saying that the limited resources of rural farmers may lead to only the rich getting in on the business. This is a serious worry for the communities that fought to have the plant legalised from the beginning. One which they hope will not become the case.

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article source: https://www.cannabiz-africa.com/rastas-capture-north-west-province-thanks-them-and-calls-for-full-legalization/?mc_cid=b2129071f7&mc_eid=8e66206cd9

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